True Knowledge

True Knowledge about a subject means one has to have both the correct wisdom about that particular subject as well as a personal experience with that specific subject.

Twenty years ago, a few people made large amounts of money by traveling and lecturing about their personal “Near Death Experience” (NDE). While these perhaps well meaning people did have a personal NDE, they did not fully understand what they had experienced.

In addition, 20 years ago, a number of people also made large amounts of money by using their professional title of “Doctor” in order to sell tickets to their lectures and books about Near Death Experiences.

But, since these “doctors” never had an NDE experience they were unable to properly explain the process of death and what happens in an NDE. And so it is that today, like 20 years ago, many so called teachers do not have True Knowledge about what they teach.

Ga Ra and Za Ra personally train and teach all Love Energy Techniques Adept Teachers, so you can be assured each Adept Teacher has True Knowledge about using the Unconditional Love Energies of 4th dimensional Joy and 5th dimensional of Bliss in the techniques they teach in our Love Energy Techniques Activator Classes.