Positive, Negative and Super Negative Ions

Many people are familiar with the proven scientific fact that negative ions are good for one’s health and positive ions cause nausea and headaches. However, since science refuses to acknowledge God, science cannot tell people why negative ions are healthy or why positive ions are sickly.

Negative Ions are atoms with an extra electron
Positive Ions are atoms missing a electron

Ancient scientific and spiritual documents, (not destroyed by religious zealots), explain how electrons are units of Unconditional Love and protons units of Unceasing Light. It is the extra Love Energies in negative ions that results in healthy Bodies, Minds and Spirits, or Souls.

Super Negative Ions are atoms with 2 extra electrons

Ancient documents explain how Love Energy Adepts, like Starfire Healers, are able to use flows of super negative ions to heal people’s sickly bodies. All illnesses are the result of an excess of positive ions being deposited in one area of a human body for an extended period of time.

An ancient saying is that “Love soothes the angry beast”. The mystical and magical meaning of this saying is that one negative ion of the Unconditional Love Energies of Joy transforms or transmutes one positive ion of anger into a normal healthy atom.

Love Energized Healing Treatments use a flow of negative ions from a Starfire Healer’s hand and their Teraphim to transmute positive ions of dis-ease and dis-comfort into normal atoms.

Each of a Starfire Love Energy Healers‘ super negative ions transmutes 2 sickly positive ions into normal healthy atoms. Each of a Starfire Love Energy Healers’ Unity Consciousness level negative ions transmutes 4 positive ions into normal healthy atoms.

Super negative ions, or atoms with 2 extra electrons, contain extremely healthy and healing 5th dimensional Love-Love-Love-Light energies of Bliss.

Negative ions, or atoms with one extra electron, contain the healing and healthy 4th dimensional Love-Love-Light energies of Joy.

Normal atoms contain either normal 3rd dimensional Light-Love energies like unhappiness or normal 3rd dimensional Love-Light energies like happiness.

Positive ions, or atoms missing 1 electron contain dis-ease and dis-comfort 2nd dimensional Light-Light-Love energies like anger and regret.

Super positive ions, or atoms missing 2 electrons protons contain deadly dis-ease causing 1st dimensional Light-Light-Light-Love energies like hate and rage.