Rebirth is a word that describes how the Conscious Awareness of the brain of one’s physical body and the Mind of one’s Emotional Body can work in synchronicity so one can be rebirthed or reborn into energetic equanimity and emotional harmony.

While religions and new age groups heavily promote their methods, as seen in people’s unhappy faces, people are not even close to living life in energetic equanimity and emotional harmony.

The key to a proper rebirth, is a special holistic type of forgiveness, as fully explained in our Forgiveness Beginners at home recording that contains a wealth of newly released ancient wisdom and a series of amazingly effective ancient and modern techniques.

In order to retain the energetic equanimity and emotional harmony of a proper rebirth, one must make frequent transfers of karma to the Administrators of Karma using the ancient Karma Fire Ceremony in our Karma Beginners at home recording.

The Karma recording also contains a special rebirth ceremony so that everyone who chooses the path of Love has the opportunity to properly self rebirth themselves. This is an amazingly cost effective and wondrous opportunity for you to be reborn emotionally and to start your life all over again as a new and wiser love energy oriented person.

The wisdom and techniques in the Karma and Forgiveness recordings will enable and empower you to go forward in life as a new person, without your emotional baggage from the past emotionally charged events and traumatic experiences in your life. And so it is that it is one’s present actions in life, not one’s past actions, that create one’s future.

We suggest that you use our Free Love Energy Technique for Activity as this simple and effective technique helps one remain in energetic equanimity and emotional harmony during stressful times like being late for an important appointment while being stuck waiting in a line or in traffic.

In summary, being rebirthed or reborn is simple and anyone can do it, but remaining rebirthed or reborn is becoming more difficult in today’s Love Energy depressed hectic digital world. However, those who choose to attend our Love Energy Techniques Activator Class find it relatively easy to remain rebirthed and reborn as a result of daily personally experiencing the Unconditional Love Energies of Joy and Bliss during their Merkaba activations.