3rd Eye Spiritual Energy Center

This article comes to you from the ben Panther family records

While most people today use the post Great Flood word of chakra to describe the location of one’s 3rd Eye Spiritual Energy Center, we at Love Energy Centers use the pre Great Flood term of Spiritual Energy Center, as we have the wisdom and techniques that enable and empower one to unlock the powers and abilities contained within one’s Spiritual Energy Centers.

Spiritual Energy Centers are those energetic locations in one’s physical body, Emotional Body and Spiritual Energy Fields of Consciousness that contain certain abilities as well as the memories of our actions in life.

One’s 3rd Eye Spiritual Energy Center connects one’s temporary 3rd dimensional physical body to one’s permanent 4th dimensional Emotional Body. One’s 3rd Eye Spiritual Energy Center is thus the location of activity for telepathy, clairvoyance, levitation and the activation of Merkabas.

One’s 3rd Eye Spiritual Energy Center is also where one stores memories of their higher dimensional level activities and one’s spiritual adventures upon planet earth during this lifetime.

One can unlock the memories, abilities and powers of their 3rd Eye Spiritual Energy Center by energetically cleansing all of the 1st and 2nd dimensional level emotional energies of anger, hate, regret, fear and thoughts of revenge from all of their memories. We at Love Energy Centers have some simple and amazingly effective techniques for self healing and self discovery.

One begins unlocking the abilities and powers in their Spiritual Energy Centers by listening, in the comfort of one’s own home, to the wisdom and practicing the techniques contained in our Beginners Love Energy Techniques at home recordings.

Next, we recommend attending our Love Energy Techniques Activator Class and learning how to cleanse each one of your 3rd and 4th dimensional Spiritual Energy Centers. It is in this class, where participants will self create a 5th dimensional Spiritual Energy Center and Field of Consciousness.

In our Love Energy Techniques Activator Classes we teach participants how to use Love Energies from their 3rd Eye Spiritual Energy Center and their 3rd dimensional physical body’s brain to consciously access their 4th dimensional Mind and then participants use Unconditional Love Energies of Joy and Bliss in an Enlightened state of Conscious Awareness to activate their 3rd/4th and 5th dimensional Merkabas.

We at Love Energy Centers teach people how to fully open their 3rd Eye Spiritual Energy Center with Unconditional Love Energies and expand their Conscious Awareness into the 5th dimensional level of Unconditional Love Energies called Bliss so they may travel in their Merkabas through a Tunnel of Love to a distant location where there is no pain or suffering.