Physical Body Ascension

While philosophers theorize about Ascension to the next level of existence in our universe, we at Love Energy Centers have True Knowledge of Ascension. Thus, we are able to tell you from personal experience that Ascension to the next level of existence can be temporary or permanent.

Every week as a group, in the comfort of our own homes using Skype and a teleconferencing center, we complete a series of temporary Ascensions during our Weekly Love Fests and travel together in our individual Conscious Awarenesses through Tunnels of Love using Merkabas to a distant location where there is no pain suffering or death.

In this way, we have been practicing for many years and have prepared our 3rd dimensional physical bodies, 4th dimensional Emotional Bodies and 5th dimensional Spiritual Energy Fields of Consciousness for a Physical Body Ascension.

There are two levels in a permanent Ascension. One is the normal permanent Ascension of an Enlightened One who dies a normal natural physical death. After the death of their temporary 3D physical body, one remains in their permanent 4D Emotional Body and never has to reincarnate into the constraints of a physical body upon planet earth again.

However, for Super Enlightened Ones there is an opportunity for a super normal Physical Body Ascension whereby one consciously uses the Unconditional Love Energies of Bliss and Beyond Bliss to transform the denseness of a 3rd dimensional physical body into the Love-Love-Love-Light energies of their 5th dimensional Spiritual Energy Field of Consciousness.

A Physical Body Ascension is not an easy accomplishment. Only the ones whom people call Jesus in the Bible’s new testament and Thoth Hermes Trismegistus or Enoch in the Bible’s old testament are recorded in history as accomplishing the super normal feat of a Physical Body Ascension.

And so it is has been that for many years we have been practicing for a Physical Body Ascension using Tunnels of Love. Then, 3 years ago in 2012, Ga Ra and Za Ra taught practitioners of our Love Energy Techniques how to use their Conscious Awareness to travel through Tunnels of Love to a specific distant location where there is no pain, suffering or death.