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Our Adept Teacher Classes offer one the opportunity to become a “Sun of God“. Each Adept Teacher must become a pure conduit of 10th dimensional level Unconditional Love Energies so they may be able to properly teach multidimensional Unconditional Love Energy Techniques to others in our Activator and Starfire Healing Classes. Therefore, all Adept Teachers are personally trained by Ga Ra and Za Ra.

solarsunIn order to properly teach other people how to use multi-dimensional energies of Unconditional Love and Unceasing Light to activate their 3rd through 7th dimensional Spiritual Energy Fields of Consciousness into Merkabas, an Adept Teacher must be experienced in personally working with the highest level Unconditional Love and Unceasing Light Energies in our solar system, and each day must be activating their 10th dimensional level Solar Sun Spiritual Energy Fields of Consciousness into a Merkaba.

Therefore, in our Adept Teacher Classes, participants are personally taught by Ga Ra and Za Ra the new and ancient wisdom and the techniques associated with 10D Solar Sun of God level energy cleansing. Then, participants learn how to expand their Conscious Awareness to 10D and activate their 10th dimensional Solar Sun of God level Unconditional Love Energies into Merkabas.

Once one has completed their Love Energy Techniques Starfire Healers Class and gained personal experience in using Unity Consciousness level Unconditional Love Healing Energies to properly heal others, one is eligible to become a teacher of Ga Ra and Za Ra’s Love Energy Techniques. Email us if you wish further information.

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