Sun of God

This article comes to you from the ben Panther family records

As vividly explained in our Creation Beginners at home recording, the 3 highest dimensional levels in our 12 dimensional level universe, are the Suns of God. There are Solar Suns of God at the 10th dimensional level, Galactic Suns of God at the 11th dimensional level and Universal Suns of God at the 12th dimensional level.

sunThe Suns of God are connected by Tunnels of Love or what science calls “Wormholes in Space” and “Time Space Tunnels”. Recent scientific theories just released for “peer review” include one from a group of scientists who say that our galaxy is a “Galactic Wormhole in Space”.

Unfortunately, most of the Ancient One’s spiritual scientific documents were destroyed by religious zealots and the few that survived are not understood by today’s atheist scientists who lack the spiritual wisdom to comprehend the many mysteries that contained in ancient documents.

Fortunately, thanks to the ben Panther family records, we at Love Energy Centers are now explaining the true wisdom of the Ancient Ones in our Love Energy Techniques Classes. As explained in our Tunnels of Love article, there are Tunnels of Love throughout our universe enabling the Conscious Awarenesses of Suns of God to instantly travel great distances.

As explained in our Creation recording at the highest level of creation there are Tunnels of Love that enable the energies of Unconditional Love and Unceasing Light to constantly flow to and nourish all life within each of the many universes in a creation.

When a creation begins, a flow of Light-Love energy, dancing together as one, flows from God into each universe and, as explained in our Creation recording, this energy will over time evolve into a 12 dimensional level universe. The 11th dimensional level galaxies of a universe birthed by this energy evolve and upon reaching maturity they begin birthing solar suns.

This article should interest those who are part of an elite group of 144,000 Enlightened volunteers who came here 10,000 years ago to help humanity and pass a series of difficult spiritual tests. Those of the 144,000 who awaken and complete their mission will Ascend 2 dimensional levels of Conscious Awareness and fulfill their destiny to become 10th dimensional Suns of God.

Accordingly, if you feel different from others, if you feel you have some unknown mission to accomplish and a destiny to fulfill, then we highly recommend taking all 4 levels of our Love Energy Techniques classes, where upon completing an Adept Teachers Class one completes the first part of their mission.

Participants in our Adept Class are able to awaken their powers and abilities so they may perform action in their 10th dimensional Solar Suns of God level Spiritual Energy Fields of Consciousness and fulfill their destiny.

It all begins with our Beginners Love Energy Techniques at home recordings where in the comfort of your home, at time of your choice, you will be able to hear the ancient wisdom and practice the techniques that will enable you to enjoy life in the present and prepare for a magnificent future.