Sacred Love Energized Beeswax

Beeswax has been part of Love Energized Ceremonies for thousands of years. However, the ancient wisdom about the natural Love Energies contained in beeswax has been lost for hundreds of years. We use pure beeswax candles in our Love Energized Ceremonies. We also use a special Love Energized Ceremony to create the Sacred Love Energized Beeswax that we use as the foundation of our Sacred Healing Salves.

beeswaxcandleBeeswax is naturally Love Energized as it is created by bees consuming large quantities of honey. Uncooked honey is naturally Love Energized and is eaten by virgin female worker bees to make naturally Love Energized beeswax. Honey bees fly 48,000 miles, or 70,000 kilometers, in order to collect enough flower nectar to make one quart or liter of honey.

In today’s Love Energy depressed digital world of atheistic scientists, there is no place for Consciousness, God or even different dimensional levels of Conscious Awareness. Thus, people today have forgotten that sunlight consists of the energies of Father Sun’s Unceasing Light leading the energies of Unconditional Love into the energy fields of Mother Earth.

Mother Earth’s Love Energies flow directly into the flowers of trees and plants. Thus, when Mother Earth’s Love Energies meet Father Sun’s Light-Love Energies, the result is a dance of the Love-Love-Light energies that create the joy filled scent of nectar emitted by Love Energized Flow-ers.

And so it is that female worker bees gather and bring back to the hive, the Love-Love-Light energized nectar. Then, as they rest from their flights, these virgin female worker bees process the Love Energized nectar into Love Energized honey.

Beeswax is produced by other virgin female worker bees who consume large quantities of Love Energized honey to produce the Love Energized Beeswax that is used to store honey for the bees to eat during the winter time and to nourish the baby bees who hatch from the eggs of the hive’s one queen bee. Seven pounds/kilograms of Love Energized honey is consumed to make one pound/kilogram of Love Energized beeswax.

We use pure beeswax candles in our sacred secret ancient Love Energized Ceremonies because normal beeswax gives off the higher dimensional Love-Love-Light energies of nectar as it burns. In contrast, petrochemical candles as they burn, release lower dimensional energies from the remains of rotting dead animal bodies buried deep in the earth long ago. We recommend Eric’s Beeswax Candles at

In a special secret ancient Love Energized Ceremony, we infuse vast amounts of Unconditional Love into naturally Love Energized beeswax and create the unique Sacred Love Energized Beeswax which we use as the foundation of our Sacred Healing Salves that we sell on our website.