The Human Spirit or Soul

This article comes to you from the ben Panther family records

The words of Spirit and Soul have been used by religions, philosophers and Hollywood movie makers to describe something so wondrous that normal people are unable to understand it and something so magnificent that many people, especially atheists, are unable to believe in because of misleading information given to them by others.

The fact is that your permanent Spirit or Soul entered your temporary physical body when as a baby you took your first breath outside of your mother’s womb. Your Spirit or Soul is part of your permanent Emotional Body, and is what connects your temporary 3rd dimensional physical body to your permanent 4th dimensional Emotional Body.

All plants and animals on earth, including humans, have 3rd dimensional physical bodies capable of attaining the earthly 3rd dimensional emotional energies of happiness. But, only humans who have both a temporary 3rd dimensional physical body and a permanent 4th dimensional Emotional Body are able to attain the heavenly 4th dimensional emotional energies of Joy.

When the Conscious Awareness of one’s 3rd dimensional physical body goes beyond the earthly emotional energies of happiness, one’s Conscious Awareness expands into one’s 4th dimensional Mind and experiences the heavenly emotional energies of Joy.

Joy is supposed to be a normal human emotional energy, however as seen in people’s faces and in their actions, most people are living in today’s world in the subnormal human emotional energetic state of Conscious Awareness called unhappiness.

In today’s world, people have forgotten what the normal 4th dimensional Unconditional Love energies of Joy feel like in a human physical body, and they are unable to comprehend what the 5th dimensional Unconditional Love energies of Bliss would feel like to someone in a human physical body.

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And so it is that within the Human Spirit or Soul is a desire to fulfill one’s destiny and Ascend to the next level of existence in our universe in a normal Ascension using the energies of Joy, or in a super normal Physical Body Ascension using the energies of Bliss and Beyond Bliss.