God is defined in dictionaries as “the creator and ruler of the universe, a Supreme Being”. However, if as leading scientists theorize there are multiple universes, what then, multiple Supreme Beings”? While “What or Who is God?” Is a complex question for most people, the truth is that as Love Energy Enlightened Ones, we have the simple answer.

There are multiple aspects of the 14th dimensional Conscious Awareness of God. As fully explained in our Creation Beginners at home recording, parts of God, at the beginning of each creation, descend from the 14th dimension of God’s Awareness to the 13th dimension of God’s Universes. Within each 13th dimensional part of God exists a universe with 12 dimensional levels.

God is comprised of everything in creation, including every part of our universe. All there is throughout all of creation and our universe are the energies of God’s Unconditional Love and God’s Unceasing Light.

Unconditional Love is the magnetic portion of electro-magnetic energy and the energy that exists within the electrons of atoms. Unceasing Light is the electro portion of electro-magnetic energy and the energy that exists within the protons of atoms.

We are individualized portions of God’s Conscious Awareness who are experiencing free will decision making. We record all the experiences in our lives within the memories of our temporary 3rd dimensional physical body’s brain and our permanent 4th dimensional Emotional Body‘s Mind.

It is the multidimensional energies of Unconditional Love that enables one to personally experience the wonders of 4th dimensional Joy, 5th dimensional Bliss and the Unconditional Love Energies Beyond Bliss that exist in the higher dimensional levels of creation.

And so it is throughout all of creation, all over our universe and everywhere upon our planet, these are only the energies of Unconditional Love and Unceasing Light. Learn more about Love’s amazing energies in our Love is the Answer to Everything at home seminar recording.