The term sacred is usually associated by people with religions. However, long ago, indigenous peoples around the world knew that certain places upon planet earth were sacred. And so it is that which makes something sacred is not a religious decree, but the negative ions of Joy.

Certain sacred places around the world are naturally filled with the negative ions of Joy by the 8th and 9th dimensional Group Consciousnesses of planet earth. People are also able to make certain locations on planet earth sacred for long and/or short periods of time.

Long ago, Love Energized Spiritual Festivals were held among the crops by indigenous peoples around the world. At these special spiritual festivals, especially during equinoxes and solstices. people used ancient Love Energy prayers, songs, chants, mantras and dances to infuse the Joyful negative ions of Unconditional Love Energies directly into the land and the crops.

For a millennium and a half after the Great Flood, spiritual gatherings were only held outside but around 1500 BCE, the famous Thoth Moses III, used his ancestor Thoth Hermes Trismegistus‘ wisdom and techniques to create sacred Love Energized temples of worship.

And so it is that in places where people have worshipped for long periods of time, a sacredness, an accumulation of negative ions, builds up within the stones, or Teraphim, of the building. Gold is the best conductor of spiritual energies.

Vast amounts of sacred negative ions and super negative ions can be stored in gold. This is why and how objects made of gold became sacred in many religions and can be found in temples and churches around the world.