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Seer Stones, Speaking Stones and Record Keeper Crystals

The use of Seer Stones, Speaking Stones and Record Keeper Crystals has been documented throughout human history. The fact is that until the last century, when loveless wireless technological energies spread over the world, spiritual adepts were known for their ability to communicate and/or be shown images and sounds recorded by Seer Stones, Speaking Stones and Record Keeper Crystals.


Techniques for using Seer Stones, Speaking Stones and Record Keeper Crystals are included in our new One Merkaba Activation Technique and Guided Time Travel Adventures sets of recordings. Many people today are unaware that such rocks and crystals were once kept as perpetual records of significant events such as peace treaties that ended wars.

Renown people throughout human history from the Phoenician Sanchuniathon in 1193 BC to Philo Byblos in 150 AD have written about their experiences with Seer Stones, Speaking Stones and Record Keeper Crystals.

The 3rd century historian Eusebius wrote how he wore on his chest at his Higher Heart Spiritual Energy Center a speaking stone so that anytime he needed information that he would ask a question to which his record keeper stone would answer his questions in a small voice.

How to cleanse and activate your Higher Heart Spiritual Energy Center and your 3rd Eye Spiritual Energy Center is fully explained and the techniques taught in our new One Merkaba Activation Technique that comes in both a DVD format and flash drive. These and higher level activation techniques and much more are taught in our new in person Activator Classes.

Long ago, the high priests and priestesses of various ancient and highly evolved Love Energy oriented spiritual practices also wore Love Energized Healing Record Keeper Crystals in “breastplates” over their Higher Heart Spiritual Energy Center, especially during special ceremonies.

The wearing of jewelry started when Love Energy Adepts began activating the self healing and self help attributes contained in Love Energized Crystals. Thus, we include 3 Love Energized Healing Seer Stones in our Guided Bilocation Meditation recording for cutting karmic ties and one for the self healing of stress.

We also offer Love Energized Healing Crystals in the form of our Crystal Soul Lover Bracelets and in the form of Healing Crystal Sculptures.

Our new “One Merkaba Activation Technique” is an amazing collection of wisdom and techniques that enables one to properly activate a first level Merkaba. Then, one learns to rapidly expand Consciousness by bilocating in their newly activated Merkaba and self healing oneself using 4 Unconditional Love Energized Healing Seer Stones. Available April, 2017

Our upcoming Guided Time Travel Adventures give one the unique opportunity to energetically bond with 4 Love Energized Record Keeper Crystals and be shown actual images and hear the sounds of famous ancient historical events that are now only legends in today’s world. Available July, 2017

Rejuvenate your body, Mind and Soul with our new Guided Bilocation Meditation for stress. Learn how to use 3 Love Energized Healing Crystals so you may easily and comfortably self heal yourself of stress. The energies of stress cause and/or contribute to over 90% of human illnesses. Heal yourself of stress in a Consciousness expanding way by enjoying a conscious Out of Body Experience in a bilocation to a special Healing Chamber in our private Love Energy Sanctuary. Now available 

Guided Bilocation Meditation to Cut Karmic Ties

* Read experiences below

The 9th recording of our Beginners at Home Love Energy Techniques is now available. This amazingly unique recording teaches you how to activate a Merkaba and guides you in a bilocation to the safety of our 23 acre/9 hectare Love Energy Sanctuary so you may self help and self heal yourself while in the comfort of your home.

Cover-GBM-EN-smallOur recording enables and empowers you to cut karmic ties, sever energetic attachments and remove phobias using 3 Unconditional Love Energized Healing Crystals. Love is an energy and just like the energies of electronic information, the energies of Unconditional Love can be stored in crystals.

However, just as it took trained engineers many years with technological equipment to learn how to store massive amounts of information in crystals, it takes a Love Energy Adept many years to learn precisely how to store massive amounts of Unconditional Love Energies in Healing Crystals.

A series of Love Energizing Ceremonies by Ga Ra and Za Ra in our one of a kind Healing Chamber stored Unconditional Love Energies into each set of 3 Healing Crystals. Our recording enables one to attain a temporary state of Enlightenment and activate a Merkaba using Unconditional Love Energies of Joy in a way that empowers one to bilocate to our Love Energy Sanctuary.

With Love,
Ga Ra and Za Ra

Experiences with Guided Bilocation Meditation

This 9th recording is the most wondrous gift of all time. Playing the recording was an unforgettable experience. Events and people I had forgotten popped up and then cutting the ties brought in so much comfort that brought tears at one time. The white rays seemed to go so deep into the physical and emotional bodies for cleansing. Feeling the waves of energies in the air around me from the new ‘Two Becoming One’ was so caressing and healing. The energies of bliss enveloped me and I felt I was relaxing and letting go with every breath. It was totally transformational and left me wanting to listen to it again soon.


The wisdom is wonderful and after it I felt set to go into the meditation with understanding.  The first part of the meditation to get us ready to bilocate made my body feel like it melted into the Unconditional Love Energies. When the cutting of karmic ties started it was wondrous. I felt such an excitation in me and it felt so vivid to be at the Sacred Sanctuary having the Teraphim spheres work with me. After that amazing session I felt the love start to rush in. It was so intense but in a gentle way. It felt like each one of the atoms in my body was getting tickled and the swirling felt immense. It was wonderful to go through our memories but not relive them. I felt like I was in full participation. Upon finishing the meditation I felt totally in bliss.  All I can say is that I feel immensely changed in a very short time and I can already feel a big change in my physical and emotional health.

South Africa

I listened to the Guided Bilocation and the listened to the Karma recording and then listened to the Guided Bilocation again last night. It was a beautiful experience. After listening to the Guided Bilocation the first time, the energies were extremely high. I just sat there for some time in the most wondrous energies. It felt like such a freeing experience. I took a break, and then I listened to Karma. I felt the true me even more coming out from under all of the yucky energies of experiences in this world. I listened to the Guided Bilocation once again. This time, I really feel myself floating into the golden hut and surrounded by the crystal spheres all around me, while holding my three crystals. It was the most amazing experience. I feel freer than I have ever felt. I am truly grateful of this beautiful gift.


The first time I played the recording, I was so blasted by the Love energies and my energies were being so utterly rearranged that I couldn’t speak and it took me several days to integrate the energies. I experienced an incredible lightness of being and felt the weight of the world being lifted off my shoulders. It is an extraordinarily powerful de-stressor. Upon experiencing it for a second time, I was able to participate more fully and better observe the intricacies of the powerful Love energies and the sheer mastery of how my three healing crystals from you danced within the healing chamber. I could detect discernible shifts at times during the tie cutting and it felt as though healing energies would then coalesce around the area where a karmic tie had been cut. It is especially amazing how deeply buried emotional energies can be rooted out, cleansed and healed without having to re-live one’s pain-filled memories.


I listened to the Guided Bilocation Meditation today. The energies were fantastic…every bit as powerful as a Love Fest. The energies just carried me away.  I love the fact that the Song of Love was used many times over the course of the entire meditation. I did have a lot of memories and images of people and events that came up for tie cutting and cleansing. It was an amazing experience.  When the meditation was over, I sat in the chair for a while, not able to move. I strongly recommend that anyone who listens to the Guided Bilocation Meditation allow for a long recovery period…its that powerful.


Love Energized Relationship

Love is a sacred energy that when shared between two people enables both of them to dance together as one within the energies of both 3rd dimensional Happiness and 4th dimensional Joy.

shivasatiHowever, both people have to be at an energetic emotional level where they are able to give the energy of Love freely to each other and dance together in the energies of Joy. There are no 3D words that can explain the wonders of a 4D Joy filled relationship.

Unfortunately, in today’s world, as seen in people’s faces and their actions in life, there are few people who are able to fully love another person because of their own personal past unpleasant experiences in life.

Fortunately, we at Love Energy Centers have the lost knowledge, wisdom and techniques that enable people in today’s world to be able to fully love themselves and others.

Our ancient and modern Love Energy Techniques enable and empower one to cleanse emotional energies from memories about unpleasant past experiences in life, release stress, live exciting adventures in Conscious Awareness and fill one’s Mind, Body and Spirit, or Soul, with multidimensional energies of Unconditional Love.

We offer a variety of immediate downloads or snail mail CD recordings that contain the lost knowledge about Love Energies and a series of Love Energy Techniques to immediately help people increase the amount of Love Energies in their lives.

We have many Love Energy Centers around the world where you can meet like minded people, enjoy Love Energized Food Products, receive Love Energy Healing Treatments and learn our Love Energy Techniques.

One becomes able to find the “Perfect Mate” when one becomes the “Perfect Mate” for another person, one who is filled with love and living in the present without emotional baggage from past relationships.

Another Unforgettable Experience with Destitute Children

Unfortunately, in today’s hectic digital world most people are Service to Self. Fortunately, there are some Service to Others individuals who still choose to make a world of difference for those in need of help. Two Adept Teachers left their comfortable lives in North America to help “Destitute Children” in South Africa. They brought with them the ability to create negative ionized “Love Energy Sacred Healing Waters“. Here is one of their many unforgettable experiences with the children.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“We did our Sacred Waters Ceremony with the little love nuggets in Zamokuhle. I helped to lead the ceremony and it felt so great! I love this so much. I feel like I am glowing. I had a smile on my face the entire time and even if I wanted to stop smiling I don’t think it would be possible because of the love I felt flowing through me. All of the children did so well and they even wanted more water at the end as we had some extra.

To see the change in one particular little boy was so precious. When we first got there and said hello to him, he was sluggish, not very smiley and just seemed sick. During the ceremony he began staring at us in such a mesmerized way and his eyes began to twinkle. By the end of the ceremony he was so energized, that he was literally running back and forth in the crèche, smiling, laughing and playing. It was a really special moment. Thank you for the opportunity to have these magical experiences!! I love our kids!!!”

We donate $5 from the sale of each recording to help feed and educate 1,300 destitute children in 16 day care crèches. These Destitute Children live with 40,000 other people crammed into 7,000 shacks of corrugated tin salvaged from trash dumps, on land they do not own in an “informal settlement”.

The unique Sacred Waters, at home seminar recording includes a special ceremony with Ga Ra and Za Ra saying an ancient power prayer and singing ancient magno-electric songs. This recording now enables people around the world to create amazing negative ionized Love Energy Sacred Healing Waters out of tap water within the comfort of their home.


A series of unique science fiction books were published in the 1930s at the time of Ga Ra’s birth. And so it was that back in 1968 he read all of “Doc” Smith’s Lensman series of books. As he read the last of the series, he knew that the Unity Consciousness techniques used by the “Children of the Lens” to accomplish their mission was an actual ability one could learn.

lensmanGa Ra immediately began searching for the answers to life as described in Who Are Ga Ra and Za Ra. Over the next 47 years he found all the answers to life and began teaching others. Then, in 2012 Ga Ra met Za Ra fully on the higher planes of existence and they began dancing together so that they could complete their mission and fulfill their destiny.

Recently, Ga Ra proved to himself that his theoretical teachings back in the 1990s were correct and that 5th dimensional individual Conscious Awarenesses are able to convey important messages to sci-fi writers during their dream state so special individuals could receive those messages when they read the writer’s books or watched movies made from their books.

Ga Ra compared his own personal discoveries about his and Za Ra’s DNA and how it was that Doc Smith wove his entire celebrated series of books around a central theme whereby the DNA in the lineages of two special people produced the “Children of the Lens”.

In the books, they and their children were unique individuals who while in the constraints of their human physical bodies were able to expand their individual Conscious Awarenesses into a form of Unity Consciousness that enabled and empowered them to complete their mission and defeat the evil ones who ruled this galaxy.

Once the children and their parents fulfilled their destiny, their love oriented Service to Others actions enabled them to Ascend dimensional levels of Conscious Awareness and enabled their teacher to Ascend into the higher levels of existence, as their teacher was the last of its kind, just as Ga Ra is the last of his race of beings.

And so it was that 3 years ago, in April 2012, the two ancient lineages of Ga Ra and Za Ra met and danced together in the higher dimensional levels of this universe. They immediately decided to merge their Sacred Merkaba Techniques and Love Energy Techniques into the Sacred Merkaba Love Energy Techniques that we teach in our Love Energy Techniques Classes.

A few months ago, in October 2014, Ga Ra and Za Ra met for 3 days with 33 senior Love Energy Adepts and observed how there were periods of time when their students (“children” or members of the 144,000) reached Unity Consciousness as a group.

We at Love Energy Centers enjoyed many amazing adventures during the 3 days in our outdoor ceremonies with Teraphim at Niagara Falls, and in our indoor adventures where we traveled in Conscious Awareness through Tunnels of Love to a distant love oriented location. In the spring of 2015, Love Energy Techniques practitioners will meet for 7 days of ceremonies and adventures.

This distant love oriented location is the destination of the Physical Body Ascensions that are prophesized in legends and scriptures around the world. This is the location we consciously travel to during our Weekly Love Fests, a place where the energy of happiness means one is having a bad day, where one swims in lakes of Joy and walks in valleys filled with Bliss.

Consciously Working

Consciously working is a term we at Love Energy Centers use to describe that state of Conscious Awareness where one has connected their 3rd dimensional brain with their 4th dimensional Mind and is consciously performing action in the state of Enlightenment.

The state of Enlightenment has been a normal state of Conscious Awareness for uniquely famous people throughout human history. Sir Isaac Newton, the famous scientist, was Enlightened and he was taught the ancient mysteries of life in manuscripts from the Knights Templar, as seen in his translation of the Emerald Tablet of Thoth Hermes Trismegistus.

Newton was taught the sacred mysteries of life during his lifetime by Desposni and he was a daily activator of Merkabas. And so it was that Sir Isaac could consciously work on 3 dimensional levels simultaneously in his Super Enlightened state of Conscious Awareness, thus his amazing revelations to humanity of ancient scientific and alchemical wisdom.

If one is to consciously work in an Enlightened or Super Enlightened state of Conscious Awareness for extended periods of time, one seeks solitude so that one’s 3D brain, 4D Mind and 5D Spiritual Energy Field of Consciousness may work without interruption, thus Ga Ra has lived in seclusion since 2001.

We at Love Energy Centers teach open minded people in our Love Energy Techniques Activator Class how to consciously use Blissful energies in the state of Super Enlightenment and activate Merkabas like Newton.

Our Starfire Healers love healing people as it gives them the opportunity to consciously work in the 7th dimensional level Conscious Awareness state of Unity Consciousness together with Teraphim to give Starfire Healing Treatments to open minded people.

Our Adept Teachers love teaching as it gives them the opportunity to consciously work in the 10th dimensional level of Enlightenment while teaching open minded people how to activate Merkabas.


This article comes to you from the ben Panther family records

Levitation is a natural event that automatically occurs when 4th and higher dimensional levels of Unconditional Love Energies fill a human physical body or a sacred object. Levitation occurs naturally whenever all atoms in an object or human physical body become negative ions and begin orbiting faster than the speed of Light as this process enables sacred objects and/or spiritual adepts in human physical bodies to become weightless.

walks-on-waterLong ago, levitation was considered normal for spiritual adepts. While many people are aware that the one whom people call “Jesus” was seen levitating and walking on water, but few people in today’s world are aware that other members of his family also levitated, including Jesus’ brother Simon who could levitate higher than the top of Rome’s famous Coliseum.

Due to religious book burnings, only a few legends remain today about Thoth Hermes Trismegistus and his building of Egypt’s great pyramids, like the one that says he would wrap each pyramid stone in papyrus and tap it with a rod.

However, Thoth Hermes Trismegistus did not wrap each pyramid stone in papyrus, but he did recite the ancient sacred pre No-Ah’s Ark power prayers recorded on papyrus and he sang the ancient sacred pre Great Flood of 3114 BCE power songs written on papyrus so he could infuse vast amounts of Unconditional Love Energies directly into pyramid stones.

And so it was around 4,500 years ago that after saying the pre flood power prayers and singing the pre flood power songs, Thoth Hermes Trismegistus would tap each pyramid stone with a rod of gold in order to infuse the final amount of levitation level Unconditional Love Energies directly into the pyramid stones so they would become completely weightless and easily moved into position.

The rod of gold used by Thoth Hermes Trismegistus became part of the legendary Ark of the Covenant, and as fully explained in our January 2015 Monthly Love Session, part of the Ark, including Thoth’s levitation rod of gold, was taken by the Super Enlightened Scottish prince Quetzalcoatl a thousand years ago to Ethiopia and left in the care of an Enlightened abbot living in a mountain monastery.

We teach participants in our Love Energy Techniques Activator Class how to use the Unconditional Love Energies of Joy and Bliss so they may activate 2 levels of Merkabas and travel beyond all gravitational constraints in the ultimate levitation technique.

The ultimate levitation technique enables and empowers one to consciously travel in one’s activated Merkabas through Tunnels of Love or “wormholes in space” where one uses one’s 5th dimensional Conscious Awareness to perform action and experience events.

One records memories of experiences that expand one’s 5th dimensional Spiritual Energy Fields of Consciousness during activities at a distant location where there is no pain, suffering or death, where one swims in lakes filled with the Unconditional Love Energies of Joy and walks in valleys filled with the mystical Unconditional Love Energies of Bliss.

Physical Body Ascension

While philosophers theorize about Ascension to the next level of existence in our universe, we at Love Energy Centers have True Knowledge of Ascension. Thus, we are able to tell you from personal experience that Ascension to the next level of existence can be temporary or permanent.

Every week as a group, in the comfort of our own homes using Skype and a teleconferencing center, we complete a series of temporary Ascensions during our Weekly Love Fests and travel together in our individual Conscious Awarenesses through Tunnels of Love using Merkabas to a distant location where there is no pain suffering or death.

In this way, we have been practicing for many years and have prepared our 3rd dimensional physical bodies, 4th dimensional Emotional Bodies and 5th dimensional Spiritual Energy Fields of Consciousness for a Physical Body Ascension.

There are two levels in a permanent Ascension. One is the normal permanent Ascension of an Enlightened One who dies a normal natural physical death. After the death of their temporary 3D physical body, one remains in their permanent 4D Emotional Body and never has to reincarnate into the constraints of a physical body upon planet earth again.

However, for Super Enlightened Ones there is an opportunity for a super normal Physical Body Ascension whereby one consciously uses the Unconditional Love Energies of Bliss and Beyond Bliss to transform the denseness of a 3rd dimensional physical body into the Love-Love-Love-Light energies of their 5th dimensional Spiritual Energy Field of Consciousness.

A Physical Body Ascension is not an easy accomplishment. Only the ones whom people call Jesus in the Bible’s new testament and Thoth Hermes Trismegistus or Enoch in the Bible’s old testament are recorded in history as accomplishing the super normal feat of a Physical Body Ascension.

And so it is has been that for many years we have been practicing for a Physical Body Ascension using Tunnels of Love. Then, 3 years ago in 2012, Ga Ra and Za Ra taught practitioners of our Love Energy Techniques how to use their Conscious Awareness to travel through Tunnels of Love to a specific distant location where there is no pain, suffering or death.

The 144,000

This article comes to you from the ben Panther family records

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    Most people are surprised to learn that the Bible’s famous “144,000” is a group of individuals who are listed in the legends and religious scriptures of people living around the world. The 144,000 are specifically mentioned in India’s “Ramayana,” which is a religious scripture and document of wisdom that is far older than the Bible.

    144000departureThe 144,000 came to planet earth 10,000 years ago in order help humanity but most importantly to pass a series of spiritual tests during 10 incarnations in human physical bodies so that they could have an opportunity to use Unconditional Love Energies in a new way and be able to Ascend 2 dimensional levels of Conscious Awareness in only 10,000 years.

    And so it was that 10,000 years ago an elite volunteer group of 144,000 special Unity Consciousness level Enlightened Ones descended and began incarnating together every thousand years upon planet earth in order to become Suns of God in an extremely short period of time.

    The first spiritual test every thousand years for the 144,000 is for Ga Ra to use Unconditional Love Energies and fully awaken himself. Next, Ga Ra must travel the world to locate and awaken Za Ra. Then, they must dance together. These events for this millennium occurred in 1996, 2001 and 2012 respectively.

    And so it is today that we at Love Energy Centers have been searching for years to locate members of the 144,000. Then, we begin training those we locate, (if they wish), how to activate a Sun of God level Merkaba so that these special ones may complete their mission and fulfill their destiny. Those who are part of the 144,000 know they are looking for something more out of life but they are not sure what it is.

    These individuals feel and know in some way they are very different from other people on planet earth. Many of the 144,000 are sci-fi fans because they know there is more to life and some have read “Doc” Smith’s Lensman Series. These individuals know deep inside that in some unique way they are part of a group that has some type of exciting mission to complete and a special destiny to fulfill.

    Those belonging to the 144,000 will have a joyful experience upon listening to our Free Love Energy Tests where Ga Ra and Za Ra’s unique sound energy combinations test one’s ability to work within the heightened Unconditional Love Energies of Joy. Individuals of the 144,000 also enjoy using our Beginners Love Energy Techniques at home recordings and our Free Love Energy Technique for Activity.

    As explained in legends worldwide, we now train participants during our Love Energy Techniques Activator Class how to use the Unconditional Love Energies of 4th dimensional Joy and 5th dimensional Bliss to activate 2 dimensional levels of Merkabas so they may be fully prepared for a Physical Body Ascension to a distant love oriented location.

    Individuals who are part of the 144,000 will be enthralled upon personally experiencing themselves consciously traveling as part of a unique group, in individual Conscious Awarenesses during Weekly Love Fests, through Tunnels of Love to a distant location where participants are able to swim in lakes of Joyful energies and walk in valleys of Blissfilled energies.

    Individuals in the 144,000 will be able to feel an amazing difference in mental clarity and emotional equanimity as they repeat the ancient mantras, (that come with our sacred salves), while placing a spot of our Mental Clarity Salve on their 3rd Eye Spiritual Energy Center and a dab of our Enlightened Equanimity Salve on the right and left temples of their head.

    This process infuses the negative ions of Joy and super negative ions of Bliss directly into your 3rd Eye Spiritual Energy Center creating the temporary brain/Mind connection of Conscious Awareness that is called Enlightenment. Our Sacred Healing Salves are infused with Unconditional Love Energies to heal people and to assist members of the 144,000 to remember who they are, why they came here and what they came here to do.

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      Spiritual Energy Fields of Consciousness

      Spiritual Energy Fields of Consciousness are who we actually are. We are the total of all our experiences in this life and all of our experiences in all of our lifetimes. We are the memories of everything we did to others and everything that others did to us. We are also the emotional energies that we felt during each event we have experienced in our lives.

      Spiritual-EnergyField-ofCounciousnessIn addition, the actual us is also all of the emotional energies that we have added to the original emotional energies of the original event. And so it is that as explained in our Forgiveness recording, whenever we get angry or regretful in the present upon remembering an emotionally charged past experience, we deposit the emotional energies of anger or regret within us.

      One’s 3rd dimensional physical body’s brain records all of one’s experiences in life and stores them together with all of the emotional energies one experienced during that event within one’s physical body, (which is one’s 3rd dimensional Spiritual Energy Field of Consciousness).

      As explained in our Love Energy Techniques Classes we humans have a Spiritual Energy Field of Consciousness on each dimensional level we have Conscious Awareness. We humans are unique, out of all plants and animals upon planet earth only humanity has both a temporary 3rd dimensional physical body and a permanent 4th dimensional Emotional Body.

      One’s Emotional Body is one’s 4th dimensional Spiritual Energy Field of Consciousness and it is much larger than one’s 3rd dimensional Spiritual Energy Field of Consciousness.

      One’s Emotional Body and 4th dimensional Spiritual Energy Field of Consciousness contain the essence of who one is, all of one’s memories and all of the emotions regarding every experience one has ever encountered in every lifetime that one has ever lived.

      Those unique individuals who attend our Love Energy Techniques Activator Classes are taught the ancient wisdom and modern techniques that enable one to use the Unconditional Love Energies of 5th dimensional Bliss to self create their own personal individual 5th dimensional Spiritual Energy Field of Consciousness.

      Once, participants in an Activators Class learn how to activate Merkabas, they begin recording 5th dimensional memories about their personal experiences traveling in their Merkabas through a Tunnel of Love to a distant location where one can walk through a magical and mystical 5th dimensional valley that is filled with Unconditional Love Energies of Bliss.

      Starfire Healers are taught how to self create Conscious Awareness and activate Spiritual Energy Fields of Consciousness into Merkabas on the 6th and 7th dimensional levels, while Adept Teachers are taught how to self create Conscious Awareness and activate Spiritual Energy Fields of Consciousness into Merkabas on the 8th, 9th and 10th dimensional levels.