Our New One Evening 2 Hour Experiences in Enlightenment Classes

In November we begin teaching our new One Evening 2 Hour Experiences in Enlightenment Classes. We have 4 classes scheduled at present. Please check back in September for the descriptions and October for the locations, dates, times and contact information for the 4 classes listed below.

  • How to Meditate and Instantly Attain Enlightenment
  • Reduce Stress and Enjoy Your Life
  • Prevent Cancer and Other Major Health Problems
  • Guided Karma Cleanse to Remove Love Energy Blockages

Each class enables you to attain a temporary state of Enlightenment that can last for a day, a week or longer. This legendary state of Consciousness is greatly misunderstood in today’s digital world due to religious book burnings, fake news stories and flawed scientific studies funded by special interest groups.

Our New Enlightenment Book

Our lineage placed a vast amount of wisdom in our Enlightenment minibook to fully explain how Enlightenment is humanity’s birthright and normal state of Consciousness. Learn the truth about Buddha’s Enlightenment and our ancient lineage’s facts on how humans differ from all other animals as well as how everything from atoms, gravity, electro-magnetic waves, etc. are just different forms of magnetic Love Energies and electric Light Energies.

Read how you can easily attain Enlightenment, how Enlightened Ones built Egypt’s pyramids, ancient wisdom about your “3rd Eye”, secrets about the halos of Enlightened Ones, how “dark matter” is our universe’s Consciousness and much more. 32 pages (5½”x8½”/14cmx20cm) of wisdom for $6.

Click Here to read more and/or purchase our New Enlightenment Minibook.