Consciously Working

Consciously working is a term we at Love Energy Centers use to describe that state of Conscious Awareness where one has connected their 3rd dimensional brain with their 4th dimensional Mind and is consciously performing action in the state of Enlightenment.

The state of Enlightenment has been a normal state of Conscious Awareness for uniquely famous people throughout human history. Sir Isaac Newton, the famous scientist, was Enlightened and he was taught the ancient mysteries of life in manuscripts from the Knights Templar, as seen in his translation of the Emerald Tablet of Thoth Hermes Trismegistus.

Newton was taught the sacred mysteries of life during his lifetime by Desposni and he was a daily activator of Merkabas. And so it was that Sir Isaac could consciously work on 3 dimensional levels simultaneously in his Super Enlightened state of Conscious Awareness, thus his amazing revelations to humanity of ancient scientific and alchemical wisdom.

If one is to consciously work in an Enlightened or Super Enlightened state of Conscious Awareness for extended periods of time, one seeks solitude so that one’s 3D brain, 4D Mind and 5D Spiritual Energy Field of Consciousness may work without interruption, thus Ga Ra has lived in seclusion since 2001.

We at Love Energy Centers teach open minded people in our Love Energy Techniques Activator Class how to consciously use Blissful energies in the state of Super Enlightenment and activate Merkabas like Newton.

Our Starfire Healers love healing people as it gives them the opportunity to consciously work in the 7th dimensional level Conscious Awareness state of Unity Consciousness together with Teraphim to give Starfire Healing Treatments to open minded people.

Our Adept Teachers love teaching as it gives them the opportunity to consciously work in the 10th dimensional level of Enlightenment while teaching open minded people how to activate Merkabas.