Conscious Awareness

All of life is a dance between the energies of Love and Light. Long ago, life was a wonderfilled Love oriented dance of Conscious Awareness between the 4th dimensional energies of Love-Love-Light Joy and the 3rd dimensional energies of Love-Light happiness.

Long ago, one’s 3D brain and 4D Mind worked together in synchronicity so that people could enjoy performing daily actions in the state of Conscious Awareness called Enlightenment. Unfortunately, as seen in the faces, words and actions of people around the world the Conscious Awareness of most people now resides in the Light-Love energies of unhappiness.

Fortunately, there are still some non-religious God Loving spiritual individuals living today who have unified the information processing and sensing abilities of their 3D brains, 4D Minds and 5D Spiritual Energy Spheres so they are enabled and empowered to live their lives in that unique state of Conscious Awareness called Super Enlightenment.

And so it is that as fully explained in our Creation Beginners at home recording there are 9 levels of heaven in our universe and 3 levels of hell, as was taught a thousand years ago by the Super Enlightened One called Quetzalcoatl. And so it is that I have good news for you and bad news about our 3rd dimensional level of life.

The bad news is that we in human physical bodies live in hell, but at least we live in the highest level of the 3 levels of hell. The good news is only our temporary 3rd dimensional physical body lives in hell, and who we really are, our permanent 4th dimensional Emotional Body, lives in heaven, the lowest level of the 9 levels of heaven.

However, we have some super good news for you as we at Love Energy Centers are now able to offer you an amazing opportunity to enjoy life by using our Love Energy Techniques. In our Beginners Love Energy Techniques you begin to consciously enjoy experiences in the 4th dimensional energies of Joy in your Emotional Body using the wisdom and techniques contained in our at home seminar recordings.

Then, begin experiencing 5th dimensional Conscious Awareness as you use energies of Bliss to activate your Spiritual Energy Fields of Consciousness into Merkabas by attending our Activator Class where participants learn how to use the energies of Joy and Bliss to travel in their Conscious Awareness through Tunnels of Love in their activated Merkabas.

As you read this article you are consciously aware that your physical body is performing action and using the sensory abilities in your eyes to transfer the information that you are reading to your brain for decision making. Now, when you close your eyes you consciously are able to ponder the information you read, unless music is playing or other people are hovering around and talking near you.

Please realize that it is in the pondering of the information within our website that enables the 3D brains of special individuals to access their 4D Minds and ponder our wisdom on multi-dimensional levels. If it is quiet around now, this may be a good time for you to transcend reality and experience the actuality of 4th dimensional Joy by taking our online Free Love Energy Tests.

And so it is that whenever one has some quiet time, one’s 3rd dimensional brain and 4th dimensional Mind have an opportunity, if one chooses, to work as one, pondering information as well as meditating, repeating mantras, using spiritual techniques and/or properly helping others. In this way, those who chose the spiritual path in life are able to expand their Conscious Awareness in both their 3rd dimensional physical body and their 4th dimensional Emotional Body.

Individuals who choose to attend our Love Energy Techniques Activators Class are shown how to expand their Conscious Awareness to the 5th dimensional level of existence in our universe and to consciously perform action using the Conscious Awareness Spiritual Energy Sphere of their 5th dimensional Spiritual Energy Field of Consciousness.

Those of the 144,000 who came here with us 10,000 years ago are amazed when they attend our Love Energy Techniques Starfire Healers Class and are able to personally experience their Conscious Awareness unfolding once again at the 7th dimensional level of Unity Consciousness.

As a result of their personal experiences, most Starfire Healers also attend our Love Energy Techniques Adept Teachers Class where the Conscious Awarenesses of participants are able to unfold and be activated at the 10th dimensional Sun of God level of our universe, enabling those of the 144,000 to complete their mission and fulfill their destiny.